Nail Caps
SOFT PAWS (nail caps for cats)

These may help solve the declawing dilemma (should we or shouldn't we?) -- painlessly and easily.

This brand new product is great for cat owners seeking a non-surgical alternative to declawing.

SOFT PAWS keep your cat's nails blunt and effectively prevent the destruction of furniture that occurs when cats do what comes naturally.......scratch...scratch...scratch !!!


 “Hey, Tom, have you heard the latest news??
Maybe we can avoid that surgery I heard the “folks”
talking about.....”

SOFT PAWS are soft, vinyl nail caps that can be put over your cat's nails. They are easily applied with a safe, strong glue. These are applied by our animal technicians. It does not hurt the cat and the caps tend to stay on from 8 to 12 weeks. After that the pet needs another nail trim and new set of caps applied.

Please contact Orange Veterinary Hospital to discuss this non-surgical approach to your cats health.

Orange Veterinary Hospital is committed to keeping you aware of the latest advances in pet care, to help keep your cat healthy & happy !!


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